Not long now and we will see you all at the Sydney CDI. Did you know the Sydney CDI has got one of the best trade villages in Australia ??

This year we have a large marquee right next to the indoor and we have been busy!!

We are showcasing quite a few Australian made products and couldn't be any prouder of the direction we have taken with our brand and business.

To tell you just about a few, we will have our range of gorgeous shirts with us, new colours for our always popular belts and many more accessories !

To introduce to you we also have our very special range available:

The beautifully and delicately created range of jewellery by Funny Farmgirl from regional NSW, a new range of Australian fiber and production, our Alpaca wool ponchos produced by Adagio Mills also from regional NSW and we have chosen the most elegant styles and designs of stocks exclusively for our tradestand at the CDI from Heavenly Horse Designs also from NSW.

Isn't that exciting????? WE THINK IT IS

The quality is just mind blowing and tracing where the fiber is from, how it is produced and then finally manufactured right here in Australia has been our strongest dedication.

This time we have also built quite a few new shopfittings to give our stand a new look and in addition to our beautiful tradestand at the CDI we are also super excited to see so many of our friends and riders at the CDI, to be supportive and cheering them on and catching up with friends.

Will we see you at SIEC next week? Don't hesitate to find us and say g'day :-)


xxxx Jana




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See you there! :-)

Jenny, Danni and Abbey April 26, 2019

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