Time to reflect

The world has turned crazy as I am writing this - from home of course during the Covid pandemic.

With all competitions and major events cancelled a lot of us have not had the chance to catch up as usual at shows in the trade village or during presentations with a glass of champagne :-) I think I can speak for everyone that I truly miss everyone's faces and watching our beautiful horses out and about performing.

However there have also been some positives during this time, for example seeing Australian business more and more in the focus and supported, taking some time out to rest and reflect and focusing on our horses and training goals and remembering that even without events running, we do what we do, because we are just mad horse lovers.

We have also had time to reflect where to take the focus for our Australian business. There is so much out there and so many wonderful other businesses developing beautiful gear. However, it has also more and more come to my attention that Australian made in the equestrian industry is certainly almost non-existing anymore.... In regards to clothing it is a hard one, because Australia simply hasn't got the capacity anymore to develop fabric and manufacture anymore....of course that is a huge issue. China and India still are to this day the major manufacturing go-to-countries. And if sourced responsibly, some overseas manufacturers are wonderful small businesses themselves.

But we are incredibly lucky that we have the best relationship with Australian manufacturers right here in regional NSW. As many of you have already seen, we stock a beautiful range of high quality jewellery, not just designed in Australia, but also made right here from Australian materials. This range already has been quite popular with our wonderful customers and we have decided to extend our Australian made jewellery and accessories collection and to keep adding to the collection.

It is our vision to support, create and operate Australian made to build a holistic and sustainable approach for the future and the sport in Australia.

We are also currently working on adding more and more Australian products such as other leather goods. Please stay patient (and be a little excited) for future collections.

For me personally the wonderful relationship with the Australian artists and other Australian businesses has been an amazing journey and the positive relationships created are worth every second of it.

We can't wait for the competitions to start again and to go back out to trade shows and catch up with every single one of you - because we miss you xxx

P.S. some of you might have already noticed, but we will be in company of a small addition to the family when we see you again :-) And we can't wait to start this new and exciting chapter in our life and for our business.

In the meantime, please don't be shy to support us online !! We offer FREE SHIPPING during this time and our orders come beautifully wrapped and are sent out with love and care. You can find our collections online at www.wilmontequestrian.com.au

Thank you for reading on, don't be shy to leave us a comment and say hello :-)

Jana Poppe

Wilmont Equestrian


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Hi Jana,
I have recently heard news of the arrival of Franklin, and my congratulations to you. I know you will be a wonderful mother and I wish you both health and happiness.
Congratulations also on what appears to be another wonderful baby, your business! Well done.
I live in Yass now, coping, but sadly still missing my wonderful man. I have Jazz and Fudge with me in a little paddock. My sons and their families remain a great support to me.
I remember fondly our our fun times together.

Jackie August 03, 2020

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