Find out about the process of creating or collections

Find out about the process of creating or collections

As a few of you already know, our collection of shirts, breeches and more is created by myself, from scratch. And I’d like to share this process with you so you know a little bit more about our brand and why we stand out from so many other fast fashion equestrian brands and retailers. 

When I first started Wilmont Equestrian I really had no idea. The shirts were still quite nice, but the fabric wasn’t 100% right, the sizing no cut wasn’t exactly what I wanted and so I began this journey of creating equestrian clothes by tapping in the dark, to be truthful.

It wasn’t until 2 years in from launching I decided to make use of someone very helpful around me ! My mum in law ! A very talented seamstress by trade she taught me to sew but also helped me develop our own sizing pattern. We trialled a lot. I changed the sizing over and over again and every shirt in our new collections is specifically sized by myself ! I created sizing that is feminine but also loosens at the parts we want to hide. 
Side contrast panels, flattering sizing and fabric developed for just us allowed me to create the “mother” collection of the future of our brand.

The Australiana collection. 

Combined with Australian artists and prints we launch our first collection completely created by myself and the people around me. And wow what a collection ! 
This particular sizing will be continued for our future collections of the brand. 

And then came along breeches. And my oh my was that a headache. Creating the sizing patterns from scratch I couldn’t have failed more… again and again I got breeches made and it just wasn’t right. 

So many of you asked about the breeches and when they would finally be here. And it was months and months of …. 

But we finally did it ! I created breeches I truly believe are a wonderful fit for most sizes and I am proud to be inclusive of sizes up to 4XL. 

And I can very excitedly tell you that a new collection is in the works and in the next couple of months we will be launching more and more new styles to add to our unique and quality brand of equestrian clothing. 

Jana xx 

A new collection in the making: 

A new equestrian collection

Equestrian sun shirts in the making

Our amazing breeches are finally here !

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