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Hi there, thanks for finding our world of all things equestrian style and comfort !

Wilmont Equestrian is located in the beautiful township Orange in New South Wales Australia and run and owned by me, Jana Poppe. 

I moved to Australia from Germany in 2009 and now call this beautiful continent my home - how lucky am I ! 

I have been rooted into the equestrian world since I was 10 years old and after training and competing horses professionally and coaching (my personal passion), I started Wilmont Equestrian in 2017. 

Why you ask? Because, although I am a standard size M/12 (EU 40), I seemed to always come across the same issue for myself and clothing: I have always had a little bit of loose skin and "love handles" although I would say I am a pretty standard size, and I was pretty fit when I trained all those horses. And no matter how gorgeous, expensive or promising the equestrian clothing was, there was always one common issue: the fabric clings, it highlighted my tummy and all those bits I desperately wanted to hide and I always was left feeling terrible about myself. I am sure you know what I am talking about? 

So I went on a mission to not just produce our own fabric that does NOT cling and create sizing patterns that are actually cut to real riders bodies, regardless of your size and body type. 

Our equestrian sunshirts are made from a special fabric that really doesn't cling (I promise!) and at the same time stays cool and performs better than most technical fabrics out there. The proof is in the nose (well, if that's a saying...) because no matter how much you sweat, not just does this material dry very fast, it also does not leave a smell (no yucky bo smell left lingering). 

Our sizing has been created by myself, truly from scratch. I have spent months and months measuring not just myself but many others and created sizing patterns that show your beautiful feminine shape but drop away just at the right places to avoid showing any of the parts you don't want to show. I think we got it just right ! 

Combined with our side contrast panels and underarm mesh we now proudly offer a range of sunshirts made for real riders' bodies with drop dead stunning and oh so beautiful patterns and designs. You can't find much better out there !

And that's how it all started. We now offer not just a range of equestrian sunshirts but also breeches that sit just right and lightweight tights that don't slide and are ever growing. 

We pride ourselves with our customer service here at Wilmont Equestrian, so please don't be shy to contact us if you need help finding the right sizing for yourself and we offer an exchange guarantee to ensure you find your perfect fit!

Don't be shy to follow us on social media, we appreciate your support a lot !

Jana xxx


Please don't hesitate to contact us info@wilmontequestrian.com

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